The Promotion Function Of Non-woven Environmental Protection Bag

- Jul 04, 2018-

Non-woven fabric environmental protection bag it is a kind of packaging handbag made from non-woven fabric, it is to conduct an external form of specification and enhancement to the overall image of the product.It is designed to keep products in circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales.Let's talk about the role of non-woven environmental bags.

1. Environment-friendly bags can beautify products and attract customers, which is conducive to product promotion.The attention of consumers in the choose and buy goods is appearance, a exquisite fashion environmental protection bags can attract consumers' attention, can beautify the goods more, enhance the grade of the goods and sell-through rate.

2. Non-woven environmental protection bag can make it more convenient to carry goods.It is economical and durable and can be reused.

3. Non-woven environmental protection bag has the function of environmental protection.We use 100% environment-friendly, biodegradable non-woven materials, and don't have to worry about pollution to the environment when it is thrown away or burned.

4, non-woven fabric environmental protection bag also has the effect of advertising, we can be in the bag printed products publicity graphic, in use process have the effect of the mobile advertising, brought obvious advertising benefits to customers.