The Difference Between The Cloth And The Dumb Film

- Oct 31, 2017-

Non-woven  bags color printing is now used in more printing is gravure film  printing, film can generally be divided into two kinds, one is bright  film or called the film, the other called the dumb film, the two kinds  of cover The effect of the film or have a certain difference, for the first  time to do color printing bags of customers may have a lot of do not  understand, and now simply tell us about their differences.

We  are in the non-woven film when the first is to produce the film, and  then heat the laminating machine through the high temperature will be  non-woven and PP film together, the film is characterized by high gloss,  we will see The  surface of the non-woven bag will have a reflective effect, the color  looks more colorful, the image is crystal, the color retention will be  longer. Followed by optical film (bright film) in the radiation performance better.

Dumb film surface can not see the phenomenon of reflective, but the effect of more elegant, noble, elegant and popular. Second, he can not prevent radiation.

For  the bag covered with dull film or bright film (light film) according to  the specific design picture, see our specific needs of the picture to  show what kind of effect. The price of the dumb film is much higher than the bright film.