The Craft Of Non Woven Bag

- Jun 11, 2018-

Let's talk about what a non-woven bag looks like now.The present nonwoven bag begins with its new craft, that is, its workmanship.The nonwoven bag on the market now has two kinds of workmanship, one is voltage process, the other is sewing process.The voltage process was also a new one.And the car sewing is called the traditional craft.So let's talk about some of the differences between the two processes

First of all, the fundamental difference is that voltage wireless suture literally means there is no wire sewn.That's a good distinction.The basic process is to fuse the fabric together at high temperatures.In short, that's what it looks like.If it is to be strictly said, it must be something that cannot be said clearly.After all, it involves some large machines and equipment, and it is not clear without some technical terms.The non-woven fabric bag sewed by the car is to be made into a bag by stitching the cutting pieces of the bag with the wire and the side of the bag.

In terms of quality, each has its own advantages. Relatively speaking, if the bag's bearing capacity is not taken into account, the seam of the car is naturally better than the voltage bearing capacity.However, since the non-woven bag of voltage has its market field, there is a reason for its existence naturally.This point, even from the price and production efficiency.For bags of the same size, the car sewing bags cost about 30 percent more than the voltage.In terms of production efficiency, the sewing of the car depends on the traditional manual sewing through the sewing machine stitch by stitch.The output is very low.And the voltage, by large equipment, from the material on the machine to the shipment, can be a few seconds basically.That's the charm of the machine.