Suit Bag

- Oct 31, 2017-

Suit bag,  can be understood as wearing a suit when using the wallet, it is the  difference between ordinary wallet is the aspect ratio close to 2: 1,  the general wallet aspect ratio close to 1: 1. Suit package  and ordinary wallet function is the same, are used to carry cash, bank  cards, ID cards and other personal belongings.
Suit  bag on the chest in the suit when the bag is not like the ordinary  wallet as convex, it is also a general suit when the choice of 2: 1  ratio suit package reasons.
According to the material,  suit package generally by the leather, deerskin, pigskin, oil skin,  cloth, PU leather, PVC and other materials handmade.
According to style, suit package shape is generally close to 2: 1, shape is not much change.
According  to the function, the internal structure determines the function of a  suit package, the general style can put a few bank cards, membership  cards, ID cards and other cards, up to about 10,000 yuan in cash, some  mirror window models, Small photo.