Non-woven Bags Are Not Strong?Is It The User's Fault Or The Manufacturer's?

- Jun 20, 2018-

Why does each product have its own instructions?The same is true for nonwoven bags.Although the weight of a typical nonwoven bag is not clearly marked on it, we can understand for ourselves that a bag can withstand multiple weights, depending on the circumstances.And our non-woven non-woven bags bearing standard is 6 to 8 kg, this is my official promises of weight, if you exceed weight lead to broken bags, this is the user in use process caused by improper use, not related to the quality of our non-woven bags, we summarized some improper use, list.

1. When using the non-woven bag, the customer has too much stuff in it, which is beyond the bag's tolerance. If the load is overweight, the non-woven bag will be damaged.There are some customers are really made a tin bags to use of non-woven environmental protection bags, they think non-woven environmental protection bags can hold everything, one customer use bearing 16 jins of non-woven bag to 30 jins things, can you strong?If a person can only carry 50 jin, let him carry 100 jin, what consequence can be imagined?

2, the adoption of an environmental non-woven bags are easily degradable materials, deposit if non-woven bag on outdoor or indoor storage time is too long, so customers in the use of time also can cause the damage of the non-woven bag.

3. The customer can also damage the bag by holding corrosive substances in the non-woven handbag.

There are other reasons, of course.Our company, as a senior non-woven environmental bag manufacturer with a long history, has naturally accumulated a lot of bag making experience and old customers in various industries.If our non-woven environmental protection bag can break something, how could it last so long? How could there be so many old customers?Therefore, when we use all kinds of non-woven environmental bags, it is important to make clear the weight of the bags, otherwise it will be easy to break down and affect the use if the bags exceed the specified weight.

An industry, a product, has existed for a long time, and naturally there is a basic production standard.