How Much Does A Nonwoven Handbag Cost?

- Aug 07, 2018-

How much does a nonwoven handbag cost?I believe this is the first question that many people who need a non-woven bag want to know.Processing, naturally, is to find the direct production of non - woven handbag manufacturers are.If it's one of the few, you don't need to print your own content, you can buy it in a supermarket or grocery store.The average nonwoven tote bag grocery stores are more expensive.Regular size nonwoven tote bags can cost anywhere from $5 to $8 each.Some will be more expensive.

Large quantities of custom non-woven tote bags are not suitable for purchase in physical stores.At least the physical stores don't have the printed content they want.Furthermore, buying in a physical store doesn't necessarily have the size you want.Even buying a spot on alibaba or taobao has many limitations, to say the least.If you go directly to the factory for customization, you can basically do whatever you want.You can meet any specification you want and any print content you want.How about the price of customization?Since it is customized, there is no fixed price.Mainly customized according to the requirements of the customization.What kind of style, specification, size, material thickness, printing content, whether it includes tax, freight, export, special packing, these are all questions that the non-woven bag manufacturer needs to know clearly from the customization before customization.So the price of a nonwoven tote bag is different for every buyer who asks for it.

Here, for example, a non-woven handbag with a size of 40CM*30CM*10CM, three color printing, film coating, 80g cloth before film coating, 110g fabric after film coating, for domestic sale, tax free and freight free, 5000 pieces, the price is around 1.8 yuan each.Of course, there is a film covered, the film covered non-woven bag is to open the printing copper plate.The cost of copper plate is one color and one copper plate, so the price does not include the cost of copper plate.The cost of copper plate is calculated separately.