How Many Grams Is The Average Weight Of A Nonwoven Bag

- Jul 04, 2018-

General non-woven bags are made of 80 g non-woven, weighs 5 kg, but there are customers according to their own needs to order grams, if you need better quality can use 90 g or thicker non-woven fabrics.

If the non-woven bag quality is not very high, can use or 60 g 70 g non-woven, non-woven bag is not less than 60 g, the fabric is too thin not pushing, produce non-woven fabric environmental protection bag strong degree of difference and not durable.

How many grams of cloth do non-woven bag factories have?

Cangnan county xin non-woven bag factory most in 60 g to 150 g, general non-woven bag factory has 70 g, 80 g and 90 g is expected, the non-woven environmental protection bags in the market, no matter what color to buy into the spot, if the guest need to order more thin and thick fabrics, minimum quantity will be asked more than 10000, because there is no material now, need to make to order.

How to detect non-woven sack weight?

Non-woven bag weight refers to the material weight per square meter. For example, 80 grams of cloth means 80 grams of cloth per square meter. The higher the weight, the thicker the cloth.The test method is: take a sample and evenly sample the cloth horizontally. There is a special die knife for the sample. The area of each sample is 100 square centimeters and at least 10 pieces should be taken.The more accurate, the more accurate it is, and then you can convert it. You must sample horizontally, such as vertically, and the results will be inaccurate, because there will be problems of uniformity in non-woven fabrics.If the sampling is along the longitudinal direction, it means that the sample is taken at the same position, which is not extensive, and can't really reflect the actual weight per gram.