Factors Influencing The Quotation Of Shopping Bag Manufacturer Of Nonwoven Fabric

- May 29, 2018-

The sanbag shopping bag manufacturer asks many of its customers at the beginning how much is the bag and how much is the bag.Sanbag is a non-woven shopping bag, shopping bag wholesale manufacturer.Since it is custom-made, there must be many factors that will affect the quotation of products.So today, we'll talk about the factors that influence the quotation of shopping bags.

First of all, we must consider the size of the bag.The size of the bag is a major factor affecting the price of the non-woven bag, and it is the most powerful evidence to determine how much fabric a bag should use.Therefore, the length, width and height of the bag is one of the first factors we know clearly.

Secondly, printing color.For a printing color, a color means a printing plate.Both the screen screen printing screen printing and the copperplate coated with film printing are required to calculate the production cost of this printing plate into the bag quotation.Of course, the quotations we calculate to our customers generally do not include the cost of copperplate.After all, our company does not make the copperplate itself. When there is a need to make the copperplate, we always look for the stereotype company to engrave it for me and then give their stereotype to our clients.This copper plate is the exclusive printing content of each bag, so the copper plate fee is paid by the customer who makes shopping bags

And the thickness of the fabric.The general thickness is from 20g to 120g.Now the market price of nonwoven fabric is about 13 yuan per kilogram.Therefore, we will quote the price of a bag to the customer according to the current market price of non-woven fabric and the fabric with the thickness specified by the customer.

There are other costs as well as the packaging method. Our company's default packaging method is cartons.There is also the tax point problem. Our quotation staff will calculate a tax price and a non-tax price, which is also based on the customer's demand.Finally, quantity is also an important factor influencing the quotation of shopping bag manufacturer.And quantity is also one of the main ways to reduce the overall cost per processing industry.The reason why processing enterprises have a minimum quantity, then, naturally there is a large amount of more favorable natural law.Therefore, our shopping bag manufacturer is also a kind of industry with low price of goods, so it is natural to follow the quotation factors of large quantity and excellent quality.

Therefore, some of the above factors are the factors that affect the quotation of each non-woven bag.These are all the quotation information that we have to ask the customer to provide us. Of course, some of them are special requirements of the customer, so the customer needs to cooperate with us.If accurate quotation is needed, the above contents must be provided to us truthfully, and we can only provide accurate non-woven bag quotation.