Buy Food Plastic Bags Pay Attention To Points

- Oct 31, 2017-

1. Food plastic bags should be marked with Chinese logo, marked factory name, site, product name, and clearly marked "food" words. Products are shipped with product inspection certificate.
 2. Food with plastic bags factory is no smell, no smell, a special smell of plastic bags, can not be used for food packaging.
3. Colorful plastic bags can not be used for food packaging.
4. Try to use non-coated, coated materials. Modern  packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful,  corrosion, extensive use of the material with the coating. This  is not only to the product after the scrapped material recovery, re-use  has brought difficulties, and most of the paint itself is toxic, if  people eat these packaged food, people will have a great harm to the  body. Another coating, plating process to the environment has brought great pollution. Such as paint volatile toxic solvent gas, plating and other heavy metals containing chromium and other waste, waste pollution.
5. When  purchasing food, it is best to use green packaging materials, choose  the original paper packaging is appropriate or biodegradable plastic.