Anti - Aging Non - Woven Bag

- Aug 07, 2018-

Anti - aging non - woven bag, this does not exist.The key word against aging has been contradicted by environmental degradation.The characteristic of nonwoven environmental protection bag is that it can degrade quickly.If the used non-woven bag, in the natural indoor conditions, generally put a year or two will begin to slowly aging, powder.This is what we often call a degradable environmental bag.If the anti-aging function is added to the non-woven bag, the non-woven bag will lose its environmental characteristics.Because, if the non-woven bags to achieve the function of anti aging, will add some chemical preservatives, and chemical preservatives on the environment damage is obvious to all, basically yo main chemical composition of the place, both soil and water, including air, are subject to different levels of pollution.

Therefore, if the non-woven bag is made into an anti-aging environmental bag, it will violate the characteristics of the environmental bag.But put together the two characteristics of anti-aging and environmental protection, it is basically an invalid equation.

Don't confuse anti-aging non-woven bags with eco-bags.Want to make anti-aging bag, do not exist.Nowadays, the environmental inspection is so strict that it is advocated to use the fast-degrading bags. If the bags are anti-aging, there will be no environmental significance.Stay away from the anti-aging bag and take care of the environment.