Why use non-woven environmental bags

- May 31, 2018-

In today's environment of evil strategy, the earth will indeed face the dilemma of going to the precipice without taking relevant measures to protect the environment.Today, nonwoven environmental bags are getting such attention.Actually, it's not that it's a very green bag.The reason for this bag is to be introduced.At the same time, why it is called "non-woven environmental bag."The ultimate goal is to reduce the use of plastic bags.And the so - called non - woven environmental bag, does not say that the use of this bag, can directly play the role of environmental protection.Instead, we need to control people's dependence on plastic bags.In addition, we should cultivate the habit of using non-woven environmental bags and eliminate the use of plastic bags.

And relevant experts said, with a green bag does a lot of convenience to our life, but in everyday life, we use most plastic bags, is to use it for food.Especially cooked food and imported food, after packaging through plastic bags, people are very easy to cause physical discomfort after eating.It can even cause food poisoning.Because plastic bags can release harmful gases after high temperature, it is difficult to eat things after long-term packaging in plastic bags without poisoning.

In order to have a healthy body, we have a environmental protection green home, our company suggest that we stop using plastic bags, form the good habit of using non-woven bags, common to maintain our home planet, to create the perfect global village