Why is there any preservative in every food bag?

- Oct 31, 2017-

1. Preservative clothes, quilts and other items should be placed on  the inside of the bag, at least from the closure zipper 3-5 cm, large  items do not force into.
2.  bags before and after inflation should pay attention to, do not let  sharp objects blowing, the best operation in bed or on a clean desktop,  if the storage of goods in the buttons, zippers and other hard objects,  please fold inside, and then Into the collection bag. In the cabinet or other places to store vacuum bags, but also pay  attention to the storage location there is no sharp thing to ensure that  the bag is intact.
3.  Use the pump when the pump screw screw to the end of the screw, against  the suction port of the white rubber gasket to ensure that the  interface does not leak, usually a large bag need to smoke 3 to 5  minutes, probably pumping three , Five hundred under there will be a clear phenomenon of pumping flat. When using the pump to pay attention to continuous pumping, it is best not to pause. There is a vacuum cleaner at home, that is, effort and convenience.
4.  To ensure that the closure of the zipper part of the clean, if fiber,  dust into, will reduce the sealing performance, it is recommended to  wipe clean with water gauze and then close the zipper. Close the zipper, please hand tightly vane in the seal back and forth  several times to ensure that the two ribs completely buckle into the  groove to ensure that the sealing effect.
5. After pumping, please check the seal again to ensure that the seal.

1. Pump pump good or bad test: the pump on the tight face of their  own, and then pumping, if the suction that the pump vacuum bag
It is good.
2.  After the evacuation of the bag if the phenomenon of bubbling, in  addition to sealing is not strict, on the one hand, the quilt in the bag  and other things will be deflated, will reduce the vacuum; the other  hand, from a physical point of view, And then the material is also a gap, due to the role of negative  pressure, with the passage of time the air molecules will be "squeezed  into" bags, the vacuum effect will be gradually reduced.
3. Leather, down products can be put into this product, but not completely compressed.
4. Before you put it in your collection bag, remove it from the  wrapping paper or bag, otherwise it will affect the compression effect.
5. Please put the bag into the bag. Do not need to use insect repellent, preservatives, etc., otherwise it  will cause the acquisition of items discoloration, deterioration and so  on.
6. bags with cracks or broken a small mouth can be used on both sides  of the ordinary wide-sided transparent adhesive tape, fit on it.
7,  to prevent the bag there are too much water and gas left, if a local  temperature is relatively low, it will condense into water.