What printing materials are used for printing canvas bags?

- May 29, 2018-

As for the problem of canvas bag printing, there is no difference between it and non-woven bag printing.The printing method is the same as the printing glue.It's just that non-woven bags can be printed in more and less demanding ways.The printing of canvas bags is more monotonous.It's basically screen printing.And still manual screen printing, machine screen printing.And non-woven bag printing, can use screen printing, plastic plate printing, film - coated printing.At the same time, it can be made by hand or machine.But it's limited by the number of colors.At present, our company can only make two color printing.Although there are only two colors of printing, but in the industry there are still very few manufacturers can achieve machine silk printing two colors of equipment.

What is said above is basically about the way non-woven bags and canvas bags are printed.This is where we really start.What ink should I use for the printing of canvas bags?So that's where we're going to look at it.Next, I will introduce from three aspects about what kind of ink canvas bag printing is suitable.

First of all, from the waterproof point of view of the canvas bag printing ink.There are two kinds of printing materials commonly used in our company, one is water-based glue pulp and the other is oil ink.Look at these two kinds of materials from waterproof Angle, waterborne glue slurry is certainly not waterproof, a touch of water, easy to lose color.Therefore, many bags that need to be exposed to water are not recommended to be printed with water-based glue.But the oil ink can ensure that even if it is dipped in water, it will not lose color when soaked in water.Therefore, on one hand, oil ink has more advantages.

Second, from the point of view of environmental protection, water-based glue than oil ink more advantages.Because water-based glue can be degraded naturally and quickly without polluting the environment.Especially for the printing of environmental protection products, waterborne glue is more suitable for printing materials.And oily ink, in the process of printing, not only has harm to the person, and put it on to the product, the product if it is broken, thrown into the garbage, oily ink is hard to get natural degradation, degradation even also takes a long time, nature would have certain effects on the environment.

Thirdly, in terms of cost, water-based glue is a kind of high-end printing material, which can also be called as an environment-friendly material.And oily ink, because it is not environmental protection, is now is not in conformity with the national environmental policy propaganda, nature, and its market will be smaller, there would be fewer consumers, in order to gain more market, oily ink manufacturers will put the price is very low to attract consumers to use.And the environmental protection sex of waterborne glue slurry, accord with national environmental protection policy very much, naturally, the businessman also can grasp this point, as a raise price capital.So, simply from the printing material, the water-based glue will be higher than the oil ink,