What are the problems in the production and use of non-woven bags?

- May 25, 2018-

Although, the non-woven bag is a more environmentally friendly product.However, in the process of our use, there will still be a lot of problems. If we don't pay attention to it, our environmental products will be changed into non-environmental products.So, what are some of the problems with nonwoven bags?Let  SUZHOU SANBAG company tell you.

The problems presented in the application of non-woven bags have been issued since the "plastic restriction order" was issued, based on the maintenance of the environment and the saving of resources.The reason why the country wants to issue the "plastic limit order" is to avoid the use of disposable plastic bags.The promulgation of the "plastic restriction order" is conducive to environmental protection.


But today, the problem has been highlighted by the use of nonwoven bags, an alternative to disposable plastic bags.Stand in the Angle of the non-woven bag factory saying shouldn't say, are generally have the effect of advertising, non-woven bags will be printed content, and printing, nature will be used in printing ink, but some more bad ink will be a threat to the health of human body.So, many businesses in order to save costs, with those bad ink to act as good ink to printing non-woven bag, such a question, is not only bad for the health of human body, also damaged the good image of the non-woven environmental protection bags of environmental protection.In addition, it is also aimed at non-woven bag manufacturers, some of the bad merchants, when feeding, with poor materials to serve as good materials for the handbag sales to consumers.In a macro sense, this is called cheating.Therefore, for the good development of the non-woven bag market, we hope those so-called non-woven bag manufacturers can abide by the industry standards themselves.

Finally, talk about the bad behavior of our consumers when they use non-woven bags.Some consumers think non-woven bags are a substitute for disposable plastic bags, or just throw them away once as usual.Our non-woven vest bags are developed to better avoid the waste of resources caused by disposable use.So, if you're still that wayward, the cost of nonwoven bags will put a lot of pressure on the entire nonwoven bag industry.Moreover, after the use of non-woven bags, the improper handling of the environmental damage return, no worse than plastic bags.

So, some of the problems in our life, we should be positive direction toward their own things, don't think of what you do, in this way, our life will be more smooth.Finally, we have customers who need to order non-woven bags. Please come to suzhou sanbag company for customization.