The meaning and application of the bag

- Oct 31, 2017-

The word bag, sounds very formal, in fact, is our daily life, used to  hold items, carry the bag in the hands, because it can be carried by  hand and named.

Handbag production materials can be divided into three categories:  paper, plastic and non-woven fabrics, the cost is relatively low.

The  application of the bag can also be divided into three categories, the  application of the first bag is the case for the business in full bloom  goods, such a bag will generally be printed on the business LOGO, play  the role of advertising, At this time it has another name - advertising bag (English called SHOPPING BAG or LOGO BAG).

The  second case of the application of the bag is the gift in the gifts,  also known as gift bags (English called GIFT BAG), in fact, in the broad  sense, this is the first, but the ordinary goods Into a gift, printed on the letter pattern is not a business logo but bless the class of words and auspicious patterns.

The  second case of the application of the bag is now there are a lot of  fashionable avant-garde Westerners will use the bag as a package of  products, most of these handbags made of canvas, fresh and artistic  feeling particularly suitable for summer back, Can be a good reflection of the use of human personality, then the  mood, so more and more young people love (this type of bag English known  as CANVAS TOTE BAG).

Handbags are sometimes called handbags, handbags and so on. In addition, the word handbag refers generally to women's bags.