Structure of takeaway bag

- Dec 02, 2019-

Although the appearance of the takeaway bag is no different from the ordinary handbag, in fact, the internal structure and functional properties have a large gap. From the functional nature of the takeaway bag, it looks like a mobile "refrigerator".

Take-out bags are usually made of 840D Oxford cloth waterproof fabric, which is lined with pearl PE cotton, which is tough and stylish.

As the main structure of the take-out bag, the food warehouse usually has 3-5 layers of composite materials. It is used to store food for take-out and delivery. Inside the heat-resistant aluminum foil, it is insulated by pearl PE cotton and has both heat and cold insulation functions. Without this feature, the takeaway bag becomes a handbag.

     The receipt pocket is a small bag on the takeaway bag, which is specially used to hold delivery orders, customer information, etc. In order to facilitate the delivery of the delivery staff, this small bag is usually located on the back of the takeaway bag.