Non-woven bag style

- May 25, 2018-

Non woven bag design, has been the object of people's pursuit.Especially for some people with high quality of life, even if it is a simple bag for food purchase, they should choose a unique style of environmental bags to use for their own travel bags.So, what are the environmental bag styles?The designer of our company has made some designs of the environmental protection bag design draft.Let's see

NO.1  Tote bag without bottom without side


Above is our designer designed for each customer a without bottom side of the environmental protection bag handbag design layouts, because just a design draft, has not yet been exclusive logo design, so, if you have the design draft like this bag, you can find our custom.As long as you provide your printing content and logo, we can provide you with free typesetting on this bag until you are satisfied.The style of this bag is suitable for clothing stores in terms of design draft.Especially the women's clothing, overall, there is a pink little pure and fresh feeling, especially for girls, so, the environmental protection bag design and design starting point, is designed for our female friends.

NO.2 Tote bag without side


This bag was designed by our designer for one of our clothing store customers.This green bag has a bottom and no side, and it looks like it has a hidden function.Did you see that there was a semi-oval thing at the top of the bag and a button?And this function is our designer in order to prevent consumer is buying a lot of things filled the whole bag, something overflowing, cleverly added a button on the mouth, and half a elliptical fabric also can be a very good accept pull effect, also played a very good adornment effect.

No.3 Tote bag with bottom and side


This bag is very conventional in size, and is the size of the nonwoven handbag.The size is 320 high *280 wide *140 side wide.This kind of bag is bigger than wide, so we also call it vertical style.It's also a very practical bag.

NO.4 Vest bag


Vest bags are generally used in supermarkets. This bag is one of the most used bags in the market.However, the use of the occasion is relatively simple.It is commonly used in shopping malls and supermarkets.The coverage is not very wide.

NO.5 Drawstring bag


The bag has a wide range of applications, but it's not as large as the tote and vest styles.Generally, this bag is more used in advertising