Custom coated handbag, matte film or bright film?

- Jul 04, 2018-

Handbag coating can also be called overplasticizing, laminating and laminating. It is a post-printing processing technology that transparent plastic film can be applied to the surface of the handbag by hot pressing, forming a film with a thickness of 10-20 meters.

Handbag coating technology is a popular environmental - friendly handbag surface processing technology.Specifically, there are five functions of bag coating:

(1) protect the surface of the handbag from wear;

(2) make up for the quality defect of the handbag;

(3) increase the bag material strength, such as puncture strength and tensile strength;

(4) extended the preservation time of portable devices, with no fading and no yellowing, and increased the preservation time.

(5) add luster to the handbag and make the design more bright and full.

According to the surface brightness of the plastic coating, the handbag processing film can be divided into bright film and dumb film.Cover bright film, its colour and brightness can have certain change after covering film, the environmental protection tote bag colour after covering bright film can be brighter than before covering film, colour is more bright-coloured bright fast;After covering the mute film, the color of the handbag will be darker than that before covering the film.In the technical aspect of the processing, designers in the design, the need to cover hoarse film pages, color purity and brightness should be appropriately higher.