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As one of China's professional garment bag manufacturers and suppliers, we also offer customized services. Welcome to buy quality custom garment bag from our factory.

Product Details

This series of garment bags are mainly made of non-woven fabrics. It allows you to use your own hangers for quick and easy packaging and keep your clothes clean and wrinkle free. It is the perfect solution for storing and transporting suits and dress shirts. Whether it is a car, an airplane, a train or a ship. Just take it out of your closet and put it in your pocket. This bag is rip-proof and has a zip-free zip closure with a reinforced hanger opening for long-lasting storage. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, so it is very convenient to clean. It is made of sturdy polyester and each bag has a reinforced seam.<br/>

It can be used as a daily carry or long weekend. It is made of a material that is flexible enough to be folded for storage. It has high-quality fabrics and high-quality construction, because the durable polyester fabric used is waterproof and provides all-weather protection. The superior structure guarantees lasting performance. The full length center zip is convenient for your use. The length of this bag is very reasonable, so it is enough for you to fold it into two halves and fix it with the handle after loading it. China's professional garment bag manufacturers, also offering customized services. Welcome to buy quality custom garment bag here with us.

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