Large Insulated Lunch Bag

Large Insulated Lunch Bag

Custom waterproof delivery lunch bag,disposable insulated lunch cooler bags SBCB-004 Product Description Product name:Custom waterproof delivery lunch bag,disposable insulated lunch cooler bags Material:70-120gsm non wpven fabric+2mm EPE

Product Details

Product Advantage

The thickened pearl cotton insulation surface layer is used to lock the temperature and keep warm at any time and place. Party, overtime, snacks, etc., small group food revenue package, healthy and fresh to eat well.

Frozen food / fresh milk storage / seasonal seafood, ice protection function, car ice pack to meet the long-term preservation of ice, ice into the bag better.

Auxiliary fresh drinks, fruits, small cakes, dry food snacks, etc., let you enjoy fresh anytime, anywhere.

Many drugs need to be transported by refrigeration. This section adopts an environmentally friendly aluminum film, which is safe and healthy. Food-grade materials are suitable for the preservation of home medical supplies.

Product Feature

1. Expand the wide-mouth storage bag before the package, and place miniature magazines, paper towels, umbrellas and other items.

2. The bag front curved zipper safety bag increases safety, and can be placed on tableware, paper towels, wallets and other items.

3. Use a thicker and softer oxford cloth at the hand-held area to make the touch feel softer and easier to use.

4. The strap connector adopts a rotary socket, which can be disassembled and used as required. The operation is simple and portable.

5. Shoulder straps and shoulders are widened and thickened to make the design more effortless.

6.logo zipper, two-way design, stylish personality, smooth and durable.


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