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Suzhou Sanbag Inc

It has own factory established in 2002, which covers around 15,000 m2. About 120 employee work and live there. 1,000,000 bags can be digested in a month. Suzhou Sanbag Inc. is a professional company engaged in development, production and exporting all kinds of bags.such as non woven bag、pp woven bag、paper bag、garment bag、plastic bag, takeout box and so on. .It is located in Changshu city, Jiangsu Province, which is only 100 kilometers away from Shanghai.


    • Yeti Cooler Bag

      Yeti Cooler Bag

      This Yeti Cooler Bag is very space-saving because its thermal bag has been carefully designed to be flexible enough to work and go out. It is a well-structured package and has good use value. If you use it while on a picnic or on a trip, it can help you get healthy on the go. It provides the best ice pack performance. It has good durability, easy to clean casing, mildew and UV protection.

    • Non Woven Cooler Bag

      Non Woven Cooler Bag

      This Non Woven Cooler Bag has a soft outer shell and has a good carrying capacity belt and a front storage bag. The bag is lined with a soft PEVA. This lining guarantees food safety and good antibacterial properties. It is resistant to contamination by odors and molds and is easy to clean, making it easy to use. Silver-lined insulation keeps food and beverages cool or warm.

    • Bottle Cooler Bag

      Bottle Cooler Bag

      This Bottle Cooler Bag is very durable and can keep ice for up to 24 hours at high temperatures. It is wrapped in a high-quality outer casing that is stronger and has better tear resistance than any other soft-edge cooler. It has UV protection to ensure it won't fade. This bottle cooler pack has nearly one inch of insulation to keep your drinks fresh. In addition, its outer pocket can be used as a dry item or add your favorite accessories.

    • Picnic Cooler Bag

      Picnic Cooler Bag

      This Picnic Cooler Bag is a nylon freezer bag. Its flat bottom is ideal for placing plastic food containers and frozen meals to keep food fresh. It has a wraparound zip closure and PEVA insulation to help prevent cold escape. It's mainly hand-held, but its handles are the right size and have a strong material and good load-bearing capacity, so you won't feel tired when you use it.